Official Growth Pet

Players will be able to hatch their own little companions which can grow in size and help the player out in combat. Gameplay is identical to official servers as is most of the client-side code. Server-side has been made from scratch.

(It is possible to convert public pet system’s data to this one)


Hatching is a process of turning pet’s egg to a pet seal. To successfully receive a seal, player must pay a certain amount of Yangs and set a name for the pet.

At birth, pet is assigned base size, duration, a type (bonus scaling) and number of skill slots available.


  • Name of the pet is set at hatching process.
  • It must be between 4 and 20 characters.
  • Name will be rejected by the server if it does not fit the name rules.
  • Name can be changed by using Pet Name Scroll.
Pet Name Scroll


  • Maximum pet level is 105 and cannot be higher than the current player’s level.
  • When pet’s level exceeds player’s level, it will no longer be possible to summon it from that player.
  • Pets can remain in inventory even if they have higher level than the player who owns them.
  • There is a visual effect every time the pet levels up.
  • There is a visual effect every time the experience bar fills up.


If a pet is summoned, it will take more than half of the experience gained by its owner from killing monsters (70%). If the character dies, the pet will also lose EXP points.

Pet’s experience bar consists of 5 bubbles:

  • 4 red
  • 1 blue

90% of the EXP points will be obtained by killing the monsters (the red bubbles will be filled), while the remaining 10% will be obtained by giving pieces of equipment to the pet as a sacrifice (the blue bubble will be filled).

When you sacrifice an item, if the experience donated by the item is greater than that required to complete the bubble, this extra experience does not disperse but fills the bubble of the next level with the remaining amount; this procedure only works for one more level. If there is still superfluous experience, after filling the blue bubble a second time, it is dispersed.

The procedure described in the previous point occurs only if with the complete blue experience you level up and therefore if you have all 4 complete red bubbles. If the red bubbles are empty, the experience of the item fills the blue and the superfluous Experience is dispersed.

The amount of experience an item provides to the blue bubble is equal to half of its selling price from an NPC.

The amount of experience the pet receives does not detract from the experience gained by the player; a character will take the same experience with or without the pet.

Item EXP is equal to 1/10 of the total EXP, while total EXP is equal to 1/2 of the character’s total EXP.

Item EXP can be also gained by feeding the Pet with Tasty Treats.

Tasty Treat


Pets can be evolved when reaching certain points in their development. Each pet starts with ‘Young’ evolution. There are four evolutions in total:

  • Young
  • Wild
  • Valiant
  • Heroic

Young – Wild

Pet must be level 40 and its experience bars must be full. Also the owner will need to have the following items in order for it to evolve:

  • 10 Units – Young Pet Book
  • 10 Units – Spider Egg Sack
  • 10 Units – White Hairband+
  • 10 Units – Shiriken
  • 10 Units – Ornamental Hairpin
  • 5 Units – Black Uniform+
  • 5 Units – Piece of Ice+

Wild – Valiant

Pet must be level 80 and its experience bars must be full. Also the owner will need to have the following items in order for it to evolve:

  • 10 Units – Wild Pet Book
  • 2 Units – Blood-Red Pearl
  • 10 Units – Face Cream
  • 10 Units – Yeti Fur+
  • 10 Units – Ornament
  • 10 Units – Ball
  • 5 Units – Curse Book+

Valiant – Heroic

Pet must be level 81 and its age must be bigger than 30 days. Also the owner will need to have the following items in order for it to evolve:

  • 10 Units – Valiant Pet Book
  • 10 Units – Unknown Medicine+
  • 2 Units – White Pearl
  • 2 Units – Blue Pearl
  • 10 Units – Demon’s Keepsake+
  • 10 Units – Orc Tooth+
  • 5 Units – Blue Belt

When pet is evolved to heroic stage, it will change its appearance and it will be able to learn skills, either passive or active.

Age and Duration

  • All pets and eggs can be used as a nourishment to recharge the remaining life of a pet.
  • Value of the recovery that these items provide varies from the type of the pet and eggs, from a minimum of 3% to a maximum of 5%.
  • Once a pet is born, it is assigned a maximum duration: with nourishment it is not possible to go beyond this limit. Duration varies from 1 to 14 days while “Dragon” pets can be set up to 48 days of duration.
  • It is possible to feed a pet with another deceased pet.
  • It is possible to feed a live pet using a Protein Bite , restoring 100% duration, by dragging the item onto the pet’s seal.
  • Pets can be fed by dragging food to ‘Feed Window’, available from pet’s interface.
Feed Window

Once pet’s duration drops to zero, it dies. If a pet is dead, its age will not be increasing.
Pet can be resurrected in 2 ways:

  1. Using a Protein Snack, pet is reborn and its duration is restored by 50%. Age will be reset while bonuses and skills will remain the same.

  2. Using Divine Protein Bites, pet is reborn, its duration is reset to 100% and bonuses and skills remain the same while age is reset to 80% of the age it had when it died. Number of Divine Protein Bites depends on the age of the pet. (This way can be only used through Resurrect Pet tab on the Pet’s interface)

Required Divine Protein Bites formula: Age / 10 (Minimum requirement is 1 unit)

Protein Snack
Divine Protein Bite


Bonuses depend on the pet’s type which is set at the egg hatching process. There are two main models when it comes to types, each of them has 4 different variations. Types range from index 1 to index 8. Even index belongs to Model 1, while odd index belongs to Model 2.

Model 1:

Bonuses on Model 1 scale linearly, its progression will be a constant chosen between two random numbers.

TypeHP Bonus Scaling
20.2 ~ 0.3
40.3 ~ 0.4
60.5 ~ 0.6
80.5 ~ 0.7
TypeDEF Bonus Scaling
20.2 ~ 0.3
40.3 ~ 0.4
60.4 ~ 0.5
80.5 ~ 0.6
TypeSP Bonus Scaling
20.2 ~ 0.3
40.3 ~ 0.4
60.4 ~ 0.5
80.5 ~ 0.6
  • The HP are increased every 5 levels of the pet.
  • The Defence is increased every 7 pet levels.
  • The SP are incremented every 4 levels of pet.

Model 2:

Bonuses on Model 2 scale non-linearly meaning their progression will be a random number between two constants.

TypeHP Bonus Scaling
10.1 ~ 0.5
30.1 ~ 0.7
50.1 ~ 0.9
70.1 ~ 1.0
TypeDEF Bonus Scaling
10.1 ~ 0.2
30.1 ~ 0.3
50.1 ~ 0.4
70.1 ~ 0.6
TypeSP Bonus Scaling
10.1 ~ 0.5
30.1 ~ 0.7
50.1 ~ 0.9
70.1 ~ 1.1
  • The HP are incremented every 6 pet levels.
  • The defence is incremented every 8 pet levels.
  • The SP are incremented every 6 pet levels.

Meley and Nessie pets both have +0.1 boost on bonus progression.

Types 7 & 8 can be achieved through Pet Enchanting while types 1-6 are randomly decided when hatching the pet.

Pet’s bonuses will also scale with their age if the pet hasn’t died. Each 60 days an increase of 0.1% will be applied to future bonus scale. If a pet dies, bonus scale will return to its original form.

To determine pet’s type and talent, player can use Pet Destiny Orb.

Pet Enchant
Pet Destiny Orb


Pet can learn either passive or active skills. Skills can be learned by using Pet Books. After learning a skill, a small plus button will appear on the skill’s slot which is used to upgrade skill level. Each level costs the player 2.000.000 Yangs.

  • Every pet has at least one specialization, which is reflected in a bonus to certain skill(s).
  • The strength of the skills depends on the pet’s type, pet level (81-105) and skill level (1-20).
Active Pet Skill Book
Passive Pet Skill Book

Player can discard pet’s skills by using Pet Reverti or remove a single skill by dragging Pet Revertus to skill’s slot.

Pet Reverti
Pet Revertus


  • Pets can be exchanged using Transport Box.
  • Box has a duration of 30 days, if it expires, pet will become inaccessible until it is moved to a new Transport Box.
  • While pet is in a Transport Box, its age and duration will be frozen until released.
Transport Box

For more technical information, feel free to ask in private.

Languages: C++ / Python

Technical requirements:

Digital Good: 350€

  • Growth Pet System

Discord Contact: Sonitex#1880


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