Premium Offline Shop

Premium Offline Shop

Creating a private shop:

  • The Private Shop window can be opened via the U key or by clicking on a Bundle item.
  • A player can build his own personal private shop with up to 128 available slots in total (configurable).
  • Kashmir Bundle item is required to access the 2nd page and to be able to decorate the private shop (configurable).

Managing a private shop:

  • The private shop will be available while its owner is online and offline as well if the owner has Personal Premium Shop affect active (configurable). If the affect’s time runs out, the private shop will be de-spawned until the next owner’s login and will be stripped of the premium offline time feature until the owner has the previously mentioned affect active again.
  • By default 2nd page of the private shop is locked (configurable) and must be unlocked by using Personal Shop Key item. You can also left-click on the locked slot.
  • -Personal Premium Shop affect can be added by using the Personal Premium Shop item.
  • The owner will be notified about his sales if he is online via a whisper message. He can also preview his sales via the Sale History tab.
  • Items that have real-time expired while being in the private shop will be destroyed. If the owner is online he will also be notified about it.
  • Preview the average market price when adding an item to the private shop.
  • Teleport to the private shop.


There are 3 private shop’s states:

  • Opened
    • Items are available for purchase.
  • Closed
    • The shop has been closed and sales are no longer possible.
    • Before re-opening the shop, earnings must be withdrawn from the stash.
  • Modified
    • Shop’s content can be modified, but sales are unavailable.

While a private shop is in a modifying state it is possible to:

  • Add an item (Shortcut: Left CTRL+Left Mouse Click)
  • Remove an item (Shortcut: Left CTRL+Left Mouse Click)
  • Move an item
  • Change an item’s price (Shortcut: Right Mouse Click)
  • Change the title

Earnings can be withdrawn from any map regardless state of the shop.

While the shop’s content can be modified even if the owner is not on the same map as the private shop, near presence is required for closing the shop. Before a private shop can be manually closed, earnings must be withdrawn and there must be enough space in the inventory for the remaining items.

Interacting with a private shop:

Players can open the shops by clicking on the title or the model itself.

Premium Offline Shop

Interacting with a private shop search:

Players can open the Private Shop Search window using Searching Glass or Trading Glass. The latter enables players to buy items directly.


  • Search and buy items from private shops (P2P support).
  • Search items by categories or by entering the item’s name.
    • Once the name reaches 3 characters, a name in the background will be suggested (Pressing TAB will automatically select it) with a recommended names list.
    • Searches are based on the suggested name.
    • Left CTRL + Left Mouse Click on an item name to select it.
  • Search items by player’s name.
  • Filter items by class, gender, level, refinement, stack, attributes, and other types of filters.
  • Save your configured filter template.
  • Receive real-time updates of the available items that you have searched (item slots will turn red upon being bought or yellow if unavailable due to the private shop’s state).
  • Buy multiple items at once.
  • Directly message the private shop’s owner about his offered items.
  • Directly search private shop’s owner content.

For more technical information or if you would like to experience the system on our test server please reach me via Discord.

Languages: C++ / Python

Technical requirements:

Digital Good: 700€

  • Premium Offline Shop
  • Premium Offline Shop Search

Discord Contact: Sonitex#1880