Premium Private Shop

System is currently under development!

Premium Private Shop:

-When an item is bought, a notification will be sent to the owner of the shop.
-Possibility to change the item’s price and position.
-Possibility to add and remove an item.
-Shop’s content can be edited while the shop is under modifying state.
-Possibility to withdraw the earnings.
-Shop will remain spawned while the player is online or if the offline time affect is still active on the player.
-If the player logs out without the offline time affect, shop will be despawned and unavailable to the other players.

Official Shop UI

-View total price of the items in the shop.
-View history log.
-View location and channel of the shop.
-View title of the shop.
-View current state of the stash (earnings).
-A close shop button.
-A withdraw earnings button.
-An edit shop button.
-Store pages buttons (I. & II.).

General Information:
-Shop can be opened by using a Bundle.
-Extended shop will grant additional shop slots and an option to decorate shop’s model and title. Extended shop can be opened by using a Kashmir Bundle.

Kashmir Bundle

Shop Search:

-Faster search with tree-hierarchy design.
-Possibility to directly contact owner of the item.

-Search parameters specification.
-Category buttons.
-View name, count, price and owner of the found items.
-Display a tooltip of the item when hovering over it.

General Information:
-Interface is opened when using either Looking Glass or Trading Glass.
-Looking Glass is able to spawn an effect over the shop that contains the item.
-Trading Glass will append a buy button which allows to directly but the item.

Looking Glass
Trading Glass