Premium Private Shop

General Information:

Private Shop can be built using a Bundle or a Kashmir Bundle or directly from the private shop’s window (bundle items are still required, while Kashmir Bundle will be prioritized).

Kashmir Bundle

With Kasmhir Bundle a player is able to customize looks of the shop while it also offers an additional page for items.

Private Shop Decoration
  • Shop will be automatically despawned once the last item has been bought.
  • Shop will not be despawned after a logout if the owner has active Personal Premium Shop affect.
  • Personal Premium Shop affect can be received from Personal Premium Shop item.
  • If a shop has been despawned by logout event, it will be respawned on the same spot once the owner comes online.
  • Owner will be notified about each sale if he is online.
Personal Premium Shop


There are 3 private shop’s states:

  • Opened
    • Items are available for purchase.
  • Closed
    • Shop has been closed and sales are no longer possible.
    • Before re-opening the shop, earnings must be withdrawn from the stash.
  • Modified
    • Shop’s content can be modified, but sales are unavailable.
  1. Modify Button
    • Change shop’s state to modify and back to open once the changes are done.
  2. Withdraw Button
    • Withdraw the earnings.
  3. Close Button
    • Close the private shop.
  4. Won Stash
    • Preview of earned Wons.
  5. Yang Stash
    • Preview of earned Yangs.
  6. Premium Time
    • Preview of remaining Premium Personal Shop affect time.
  7. Page Buttons
    • Browse shop’s offered items.
  8. State
    • Current state of the shop (opened/modifying/closed).
  9. Title
    • Change and preview the title.

While a private shop is in a modifying state it is possible to:

  • Add an item (Shortcut: Left CTRL+Left Mouse Click)
  • Remove an item (Shortcut: Left CTRL+Left Mouse Click)
  • Move an item
  • Change an item’s price (Shortcut: Right Mouse Click)
  • Change the title

Earnings can be withdrawn from any map regardless state of the shop.

While shop’s content can be modified even if the owner is not on the same map as the private shop, near presence is required for closing the shop. Before a private shop can be manually closed, earnings must be withdrawn and there must be enough space in the inventory for the rest of the items.

Private Shop Search

Private Shop Search window can be accesed with Looking Glass or Trading Glass. Items can only be bought by using the Trading Glass while search option is available at both.

Looking Glass
Trading Glass
  • Search by specific name.
    • Once the name reaches 3 characters, a name in the background will be suggested (Pressing TAB will automatically select it).
    • Searches are based on the suggested name.
    • While searching by name, category buttons will be disabled.
    • Left CTRL + Left Mouse Click on an item to select it.
  • Option to ignore refine grade while searching for an equipment item. (Checkbox next to the name bar)
  • Search for a specific item sub-category.
  • Filter items by class.
  • Filter items by adjusting maximum price.
  • Filter items by selecting bonuses.
  • Hovering over an item will display its information.
  • By clicking on an item, an effect will be spawned above the private shop containing it.
  • It is also possible to directly buy the item, even if the private shop is not in your pressence.

For more technical information, feel free to ask in private.

Languages: C++ / Python

Digital Good: 400€

  • Premium Private Shop (Cheque Support included)
  • Private Shop Search
  • Render Target

Discord Contact: Sonitex#1880