My name is Sonitex. I have been programming for quite some time now, mainly C++, C#, Python and Lua. During this time I have acquired most of the game dev concepts which I now use daily to produce a simple but efficient code.


We do not offer custom work/support. We only offer what is featured on the website.

  • Iprix
  • Discord: Ipxven#1111

Metin2 Service

We do not offer custom work/support. We only offer what is featured on the website.

Systems (C++/Python/Lua)

3D Editing

World Editing (Maps)

2D Editing


With each purchase above 100€ from our services you will receive a 10% Discount on future digital good purchases. This effect can stack up to 30% Discount in total

These Discounts are permanent and stack with possible Seasonal Discounts.

Terms and Conditions:

Service Policy:

  • Payment is done through PayPal.
  • You will not receive the digital good until the payment is received from our side.
  • After the payment is received from our side and the digital good has been delivered, a refund is no longer possible.
  • It is forbidden to share publicly or privately any kind of the digital good part. By doing that you will no longer receive any kind of support.
  • By buying the product you will receive future updates such as improvements and bug fixes. Major updates may add cost.
  • If the system causes troubles outside the game’s core gameplay we are not obligated to give you any assistance. You must adapt it to your own changed environment.
  • Installation is part of the digital good unless stated otherwise.
  • In case you ordered installation, it is your duty to prepare the working environment. Otherwise, you will not be granted this privilege.


  • We mainly offer support at weekends. Please be patient if we do not answer immediately.
  • We only offer our services to clients that meet our requirements. If there are negative suspicions, client will be rejected.